Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Parade of Quilts

Last month at the Bits 'n Pieces Quilt Guild, I made mention of the troops from Missouri that will be returning home this summer and that we wanted to give each member of the unit a quilt.  That we would be needing 100 quilts.   During the weeks that followed, I got a couple of emails from members saying they would make a top and bring it to the next meeting.

Well at this weeks' meeting, I was shocked by the response.  Thinking that a couple people would be giving me tops, we asked for those with QOV donations to come up to show them.  It looked like half of the room stood up and came forward for show and tell!  There were 22 quilt tops and 1 finished quilt donated to QOV.  I was speechless (and that is saying a lot if you know me!)  Here are a few that were donated.
from Carol S. - used the BQ2 pattern

close up of block fabric - perfect because this is an Army unit.
from Mary W.

                               from Carol S.

from Susan C.

close up 

a completely finished quilt from Nancy H.
What an angel!!!
This week has kept me busy pulling backings, making bindings and pillowcases for all the tops that did not have them.  This will certainly help with my Sunday stash report.

I want to thank all the ladies that took the time and effort to make these beautiful tops and I'll share more pictures when I get time to take them.


  1. What wonderful guild members you have to make these special quilts.

  2. Oh my! The heart and generosity of quilters never ceases to amaze me! I love that last one especially :*)

  3. Yea! Lots of quilts are being needed in lots of places. Good luck!

  4. It is always wonderful to see the evidence of peoples generosity. Wonderful to see so many quilts for our returning military!!

  5. How wonderful Dar! I hope to get my donations to you in a couple of weeks!

  6. What a great response to your call for quilts. Your guild is certainly generous. And the quilts are all pretty!