Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back from a Retreat

Today was my first day back from retreat and I was dragging!  I try to squeeze way too much sewing, eating, laughing and fun into a couple days retreat.  Did I mention that I don't get very much sleep!.  I think I got a total of 9 or 10 hours for 3 days worth of fun, fun, fun.  Maybe I'll catch up on my sleep this weekend.

Since my UFO list is so long, it was difficult to decide what to take to work on.  Knowing that our retreats are wild and crazy, it can be hard to concentrate and stay focused on one thing; so I took several ongoing projects to work on.  I always take more than I will get done, but you just never know.
I didn't finish any UFO, but I did finish 3 more pillowcases.  They are so much fun to make. My running total is now 13, only 39 to go.!

Another project that I usually take along to retreats is my scrap string blocks.  When it's hard to concentrate on specific patterns or instructions because of all the laughing and getting up to see someone giving a demo or telling a joke and everyone is talking at once, I pull out my trusty no-thinking string blocks.  I sometimes go around and check the trash bags for more strings to add to my blocks for more variety.  You know the saying about turning trash into treasure, or something like that.

Here is what they look like when you just grab and sew them in no particular order.

Before trimming
After trimming

And here's the progress so far.  I'm aiming for a large twin.  Right now it's only about 45" x 58" so I've got a ways to go.

After I get my pictures organized, I'll show you a few of the other wonderful projects that were completed by the other gals.


  1. Well, you got a lot more done, than I did! LOL The pillowcases are great and I love the strings!!

  2. Love that string quilt you have there. Don't you love the feeling of accomplishment from a retreat!


  3. Wow! Your string quilt is really coming along! And those are just the cutest pillowcases :*) Glad you had so much fun at Retreat!

  4. love, love, love your string quilt.

  5. Dar, thanks for the list of QOV, maybe I'll have better luck this year at attending. The Jan date looks good. I love how your string quilt looks, that is on my list to do, it's a good lesson in color and how it all works together. Linda R

  6. Ohh, I love the string blocks! Aren't they fun? They look so good together and generally so ugly alone! Glad your retreat was fun!