Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stash Report & Pillowcases - Week 35

This was a good week for my stash busting efforts. Although most of it was in the form of giving fabric to a friend, it still counts as decreasing my stash -- right???  I did take some time to make two more QOV pillowcases to go with the tops that were donated last week.   The fabric of the body matches the backing of one of them.

The rest of my quilting week was spent finishing up a couple of quilts for others.  Unfortunately, their fabric did not come from my stash, so I can't count it out.  Too bad, because that would be BIG numbers of fabrics used. :)

Here are MY numbers for the week.

Fabric Added this week - zero
Fabric Used this week - 6 yards (2 for pillowcases, 4 gifted)
Fabric Added YTD - 20.25 yds.
Fabric Used  YTD - 57.83 yds.
Overall busted for 2012 - 37.58

To see what others have done this week, go to Judy's.


  1. The red and white stripe really makes your pillow cases sing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute pillowcases!!! And I'm glad you mentioned that giveaway fabric counts in our stash numbers! I am in the process of organizing my stash and have put aside a pile to take to our next guild meeting to give away. I'll measure it and count it on the next stash report! whoohoo!!!!

  3. My goodness, that is a lot of fabric that you've "busted",lol!

  4. My goodness that is a lot of "busted" fabric!

  5. I like your thought process... gift fabric away and decrease the stash. :-) Very cute pillowcases! Keep up the good work!

  6. A decrease is a decrease! Love the pillowcases!