Monday, August 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Aug. 6, 2012

My design wall is looking pretty cluttered these days.  I keep putting things up there and then switching around to different projects and not finishing any of them!!  Here is a UFO that I will donate to QOV when it gets finished.  I made more blocks to enlarge the center. When it's put together like this, it has 4 red borders on the left and bottom sides automatically.  I'm trying to decide how to make it bigger and does it need to have equal border widths on top and bottom to make it balanced?

 Still trying to decide what else to add to it.

I started working on two UFO's back in March, and have managed to finish both tops. But trying to get the backs pieced with the leftover fabrics of those projects is taking a bit longer than expected.   I did complete one back and am working on the other one, Winter Friendship Stars.

I was able to make 7 blocks from the leftover scraps, plus I found a tan colored piece in my stash that measures 42" x 108". I'll have to put on my thinking cap and figure out how to piece all these parts into one whole backing that measures around 85" x 95".  I may need some more stray fabrics to get the size I need, but it will be using stash.  YES!

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  1. Oh fun! I love making backings from leftover blocks and scrap pieces of leftover fabrics!!! You go girl! I can't wait to see how you work it all out :*) That's a very interesting border treatment on the QOV quilt - I like that!

  2. I like the stars and the sashing. how about sashing the unsashed sides with long strips in shades of blues like you did each block only big and a final edge of red all the way around.
    jsut a thought

    1. Ann, I like that idea with blue on the other 2 sides. I will check my stash and see what blues might work. Thanks for the suggestion. Dar

  3. Love the star blocks. What about doing something really funky and just arranging them in a contemporary design, instead of having them all in the same direction? I know whatever you decide it will be beautiful.