Friday, December 16, 2016

OTN and Two Friday Finishes

Finally finished the first sock of my latest scrappy pair.  I hate to admit it but my notes say I started this pair on October 19th.  Did I mention that I'm not the fastest knitter. lol  But in my defense, I have finished several quilts during that time, plus a lot of piecing.

One down and the 2nd will be started with that little ball to the right.  Will I make it before Christmas? Probably not if the speed of the first one is any indication. lol

What I'm really proud of is finishing the quilt for my friend Barb's husband.  As I mentioned before, she passed suddenly and we were all shocked.  She and I were at a retreat together when she started feeling bad.  We took her to the hospital in the nearest city, and they ran tests, but said she should see her own doctor.  She did that as soon as she got home.  Less than a month later she was gone.

Barb had many, many UFOs, as we quilters do, and I offered to finish them and give them to her family as designated. This one was started for her husband.  Now it's totally finished, bound, labelled and will be given to her husband for Christmas.  Yahoo!!

106" 106"
Here's a closer view of the piecing. Lots of scrappy goodies.

A view from the back.
Quilted using"Featheration" by Meredith England for Golden Threads

The other quilt that I finished this week was pieced by Mary S, and I quilted it.  It was a Block of the Month from Susie Q's Quilt Shop in O'Fallon, MO.  It's a Wing and A Prayer design called Mulberry Stars and is all done in batiks.

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  1. That quilt will be very special to Barb's husband.

  2. Socks take time... I should know...LOL!!! This one looks great! As for those quilts both are gorgeous, and you are quite special to quilt the ones for Barb's family. I'm sure they will cherish them ... you are a good woman... take care! hugs!!! carol fun

  3. The quilts are lovely and your quilting really enhances them. You are doing such a wonderful thing for the family.

  4. What a great friend you are to finish up Barb's UFO's!!! I know her family will be so happy to have those quilts. And your sock is too cute! It really doesn't matter how long it takes you to make them - it just matters that you make them and enjoy it!

  5. Progress is progress even if it is slow. You'll probably have more time for knitting than quilting over the holiday weekend. Barb's quilt turned out beautifully. What a great tribute to Barb to finish her quilts for her family.

  6. What a beautiful quilt for Barb's husband, and what a beautiful act of kindness from you! Merry Christmas!

  7. I love the quilt you finished for your friend's husband. Such a sad story. And so generous of you to finish her UFOs!