Friday, September 16, 2016

On My Needles

What's on my needles?  Well on my sock knitting needles I'm still working on the Scrappy Patchwork socks that I started back when I received some yarn scraps from Carol at the Polka Dot Chicken. These should be finished by this weekend.

Here's a better close up of the 2nd sock.  The colors are wild and bright but I love them.  They will go with just about any color that I wear!  I showed them to some of the younger generation at a family get together on Labor Day, and they think they are really "cool" and right in style.  You know they wouldn't be caught dead wearing any socks that match.  They have to be two different socks or they might be labeled "old fashion".  lol  Well, I'm right in style with these.

I have another pair that I'm itching to get on needles, so I'd best get busy.  I also have a diagonal cowl scarf that I started last year in the fall that I need to work on and finish.  It will soon be time to wear scarves and cowls again.

I'm linking up with Judy's Patchwork Times today, so check out what's on her needles.  She makes my sock knitting look like I'm a slacker with all that she has going. She's amazing.  I don't know how she gets so much done! 


  1. love the socks!! and the cowl the colors are so sod rand yummy
    have a great weekend

  2. I love those socks!!! Such bright cheerfulness for the feet, they will be fun to wear for sure.

  3. Cute socks - but I especially love the cowl. The yarn you're using is gorgeous and That Nice Stitch is a favorite pattern. You reminded me I have a second one started and need to finish that one.

  4. I like the colorful, slip stitch you have running down the legs. Sometimes I do that with solid color socks just for a bit of interest. Maybe I should try it in varigated. Looks good!

  5. I love theses socks, but what pattern are you using that you get such variety on each color.

  6. Hi Dar... I've been MIA for the month... no mojo to blog. I love how the socks are coming out... I finished another pair last week and of course started a new one. Not my normal colors...lots of purple...need to make a blog post and show them.
    The cowl is very pretty too. Finally cooled off here this week and today I wore socks for the first time this Fall, yeah! Can't wait to wear scarves and cowls. happy knitting! hugs - carol fun