Saturday, July 2, 2016

On The Needles

I finally took time to cast on my first pair of "Scrappy Socks" or as Carolfun calls them her Frankensocks.  I used a pattern that I've made before and things were going great.  They are turning out really neat.  Then I thought to try it on to see if I could get the cuff over my heel.  Well, not so good.  If I hold my breath and close my eyes, they will almost stretch over the biggest part of the heel and arch of my foot!  I wonder if they will block out a bit bigger if I keep going?  It has taken me so long to get this far, it kills me to have to rip back and start over totally.  Decisions, decisions.

Well, it's another day and I made the decision to leave these as they are and keep going.  I have added the next little ball of yarn and will keep my fingers crossed that they work out ok.  If not, someone who likes soft, handmade scrappy socks will receive them as a gift.

Here they are with the new yarn added. 

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  1. I hate when that happens, the sock won't go over the heal. I ripped a pair a couple weeks ago. Love the colors

  2. What is the pattern name so I can find it?

  3. What pretty colors. I think I would have just ripped back because I wouldn't have anyone to gift them to. But then if you know someone who could use the smaller pair, keep going, they'll get done faster.

  4. Love the name Franken socks, very fun. Love the colors. Hope blocking them helps with the fit.