Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stash Report -#4 and More

This was a great week in the sewing room for me.  I finished piecing the Soul Searching top and pieced the backing to it as well.  That was almost like piecing a top, but it was so much fun using up all that leftover fabric from the top.  I also made two pillowcases to match the Retro Tulips quilt that I finished earlier.

Soul Searching - 72" x 84"

 I used up lots of my leftover black and whites for the back.  I even threw in a couple blocks that I found hiding in a box from Not So Easy Street too.  That makes me feel good to use orphan blocks that way.
Soul Searching backing

Stash Report -Week #4
Fabric Added this week - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 0

Fabric Used this week - 16.5 yds
Fabric Used YTD - 23.41 yds
Net used in 2016 - 23.41

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  1. Love your Soul Searching top and back - and great results on the stash report!

  2. Great finish Dar!!! This is one of my favorite quilt designs. I still need to get mine quilted.

  3. Congrats on the use of stash so far this year!

  4. I love your Soul Searching top. It is on my list of wanna make. Your stash numbers are great. Keep it up!!

  5. WOW Dar! Your numbers with fabric stash used is terrific as is all of your finishes. Keep up with the great momentum!

  6. Soul Searching turned out beautifully! Love those bright colors. You made good use of the left overs on the back. You've made a strong start on stash reduction this year.

  7. I think it is exciting to see a pieced back. Lot's don't like them, but hey...anyway you can use up stash is a good thing in my opinion! Nice project, Sandi