Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fabric Report and Knitting - Week 5

This was a busy week for me.  The last week of the month usually is for many reasons. I belong to two quilt guilds that meet the 4th week of the month (Tues. and Wed.) and our Quilts of Valor met on this Friday for all day sewing. Then there was two days with company, finishing 2 customer quilts and cooking and cleaning -UGH, so needless to say, not a lot of sewing from stash.

However, I did make another of those dragon pillowcases (dragon #11)-and a couple blocks for my piecing group. Since it will be my turn next Wednesday, I had to get my sample blocks done for my next quilt using my scraps. The yardage on this one won't be counted until the top is complete though.

Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Used - 1 yd
Fabric Added YTD - 0
Fabric Used YTD - 11 yds
Net used in 2015 - 11 yds

Since I was gone all day on Friday, I didn't have time to post to Judy's OTN.  I know it's a little late, but better late than never, they say.:)   I started another pair of socks using Pacific Tonal by KnitPicks. I'm doing a simple plain pattern since the yarn is so busy. But I have a new toy to use.  See that cute little blue and green yarn bag?  That was a gift to myself for Christmas.  It holds 2 balls of sock yarn and your knitting, plus it has several zippers and little pockets inside for other small items needed for the job.  It's so handy having this ready to grab when running out the door.

Take a few minutes and drop by Judy's Patchwork Times and and OTN to check out what others did with their fabric stash and knitting this week.


  1. Pretty sock yarn! Some weeks are just like this for lack of sewing. Have a good one this week!

  2. You are really going to town with your sock making! Way to go. I just posted my first Stash Busting report. You and I are just about even!

  3. What a handy knitting project bag. That teal is gorgeous, it will make for some very pretty socks. Congrats on the stash busting. You've done well for being just one month into 2015.

  4. Don't cha hate being so busy that your life feels a bit out of control? I'm boring myself by saying how busy I am! But, we have to be thankful we can participate in activities that we want, no matter how many days in a row we're at quilting activities! You're doing a great thing, continuing to make quilts and pillow cases to donate. Good job!

  5. Oh yummy, new socks on the needle!!! Love your new knitting bag - those colors are wonderful :*) I hate weeks like that which are so busy that I can't sew! Our Guild had the local head of Quilts of Valor speak to us yesterday, and afterward we had a sit-n-sew where everyone worked on kits she brought with her. Quite a few volunteered to quilt and do bindings on QOV quilts. It was very informative and Ginger is a sweetheart. We all had a great time. I couldn't help but think of you and Kevin :*)

  6. Love the RWB quilt blocks and fun bag and socks!