Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Yarn Finish and Stash Report - Week 36

It's been a few weeks since posting anything because  my life took a sudden and unexpected turn.  I lost a very good friend and quilter.  Barb and I shared so many fun experiences together and we liked many of the same things. I could always count on her being up late like me and we'd talk on the computer or phone about anything and everything.  Her illness was very sudden and she went so quickly that no one could believe it was real.  She was too young to leave us the way she did. It is still hard to believe that we were just on retreat together in mid-July.  Her passing has left an empty place in my heart and life.  I miss her very much.

I have been trying to keep busy with a lot of sewing and knitting the last few weeks.  Not much has been used from my stash, however.  But I did have some fun this week on a mini-shop hop on my way to see Bonnie Hunter in Bloomington, IL.  I picked up fabric for a backing on my Celtic Solstice (this may motivate me to get busy finishing the top) and a couple other small pieces that are for a block exchange and a baby quilt.

I also finished my purple variegated Slip Stitch Ridges socks.  I'm happy with the way these turned out and the fit is better than my last pair.  My only complaint is that I could have made the leg longer had I known so much yarn would be left over.  That is a strong motivation for me to learn the toe up method of making socks so I can use the remainder of the yarn on a pair of socks and not have leftover yarn.

The real color is not as dark as it appears on my computer screen.  They are a softer purple or amethyst color with gray.  Now I'm anxious to try a new pattern and one of my stash yarns to try my luck with the toe up technique on circular needles.

Stash numbers:
Fabric Added - 7.25 yds
Fabric Used - .125 yds
YTD Added - 26.5 yds
YTD Used - 22.72 yds
Net added for 2014 -3.78 yds  

I am linking up with On The Needles (a little late) and the Stash Report over at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. So sorry for your loss. Good friends are a treasure.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to see Bonnie. Did you take a workshop? Your socks look awesome!

  2. Only remember the good and happy of your friend!

  3. Memories are a wonderful thing. How lucky to be able to attend one of Bonnie's classes/trunk show. Great socks.

  4. Oh Dar I LOVE your socks!!!! They turned out great! That's exactly the reason I started doing toe-up socks - so I could make the legs as long as I want them and not worry about running out of yarn at the toe :) I will keep you in prayer as you go through this terrible loss of your friend! May you be blessed & comforted by God's own arms around you, my friend!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss Dar - I know I would be at loose ends too if I lost one of my good buddies. The older I let the more I realize what a treasure good friends are! The socks are beautiful! Hope you can find comfort in Him during this time -- hugs!

  6. so sorry about your friend, good friends are a treasure cherish the memories
    the socks turned out great toe up 2 at a time you know how much yarn you have left so you can make them as tall as you wish.
    hugs and prayers

  7. Sending you prayers during this difficult time, Dar. I'm so sorry for your loss. Its so very hard when we lose treasured friends. May you find, in time, that your cherished memories bring you joy. And may you find peace and healing in your stitches.