Sunday, January 12, 2014

Stash Report - Week 2 1/12/14

Nothing added or used this week.
Used this week - 0 yds
Added this week - 0 yds
YTD used - 0 yds
YTD added - 0 yds
Net used in 2014 - 0 yds

I spent a lot of hours working on more Celtic Solstice blocks. Last week I had completed 6 blocks and I'm up to 21 finished blocks tonight.  Slowly but surely I'm getting there.

Next week I will have something to report in the used category.  Stay tuned.

Go over to Patchwork Times to see what others did this week.


  1. It is amazing how long those Celtic Solstice blocks take! I don't understand how some people finished the first week.

  2. 21 blocks! That is real progress!

  3. There are a lot of pieces in each block, you've made great progress!