Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stash Report - Week 20

It seems like forever since I've had time to post to my blog.  Major car problems that took 3 weeks to correct, customer quilt deadlines, our wonderful Spring weather causing me to work outside till dark has left me so little time and too tired to get it all done.  I've also been very busy the last few weeks trying to get all the QOV tops matched up with backings and bindings.  I am getting close to the end of the big stack of tops that I received earlier.  In light of that, my stash numbers are looking better, but I'm still not out of the woods yet with my buying spree in Paducah and earlier.  I have a few pillowcases pinned and ready to sew later today or next week, and they are not in this week's count, so that will help next week's numbers. :)  Hopefully by next report, I'll be back to using more stash fabrics and catching up on my projects and getting something finished to share.  I'm off to pick up more quilts for QoV, so there will be pictures later.

Two week's totals:
Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Added YTD - 71.95 yards
Fabric Used -  9.50 yards ( Wk. 19 = 3.875 + Wk 20 = 5.625)
Fabric Used YTD - 54.46 yards
Net fabric added in 2013 - 17.49 yards

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  1. Dar, Sorry about the car problems. Try to find a little time just for yourself. Wonderful that you are able to do so many QOV quilts.

  2. Uggh - car problems - we had 'em this weekend, too. The weather has been so nice that you just had to be outdoors! Happy QOV quilting!!

  3. Spring weather is wonderful - sometimes I just want to move my machine outside - until I wake to find a cover of pollen on my desk and realize that wouldn't be a smart move ! Thanks for donating so much of your time and effort into those pillowcases and QOV's ! Do you have a special pattern you use for the pillowcases? I make baby quilts for our local NICU, but would love to do something special for the peds unit as well.

  4. don't you hate it when "life" gets in the way of quilting. LOL Hope things are going much smoother for you these days.