Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stash Report & Batiks

I was looking forward to this week's report because I thought I would have some fabric to put in the USED column.  Well, guess what.   It didn't happen.  Instead, I went shopping again and you can guess which column it went in, right?  When we are having a rash of quilt shops closing in our area, and the sales are 30%-50% off,  it is SO HARD not to buy beautiful fabric whether you need it or not.

These are much prettier in person than on the computer, and they work well with the Brown Sugar Bali Pop I bought last week. My bali pop has blue teals, tans, neutrals, and chocolates in it. This pattern is free on Hoffman's website.
Margarita Sunrise 
Now to face the music for the week. (Still heading in the wrong direction for busting stash).

Fabric Added - 4 yds
Fabric Added YTD - 28.7 yds
Fabric Used - 0
Fabric Used YTD - 5 yds
Net stash - - 23.7 yds

Check at Patchwork Times to see how others did this week. 


  1. I couldn't have been able to resist batiks either. There's always next week.

  2. Oooo - these are pretty batiks! It is so hard to resist fabric on sale, especially if it goes with something you already have. I think you're pop will make a prettier quilt than the colors in the pattern's pic. Of course, brown and teal together are irresistible.

  3. LOL!!! I think I am a bad influence on you girlfriend :*D I'm proud of you! Those batiks are really nice! And when I find fabric at 30-50% off I BUY IT!!! That's just being smart. We are quilters, and we're going to have to buy it at some point if we want to make quilts. Better to buy it now at sale prices than later at the prices it is going to be then - ouch!