Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stash Busting Report - Week 42

Well here it is another "Fess Up Sunday".  It was a pretty good week for depleting some of my stash.   I whipped up 2 more pillowcases (always good for a quick yard or two) and gifted a baby quilt top and backing to a friend who was in a time crunch to make a quick present for a new baby.

Fabric Added - 1.0 yard
Fabric Used - 4.5 yds.
YTD Added - 26.75 yds
YTD Used - 70.58 yds
Net busted for 2012 - 43.83 yds

Today is an annual fried chicken dinner and craft festival celebration at a local church, so when I get home, I'll take pictures to post of my finished pillowcases I've made recently.

Are the leaves starting to change in your area?  Here they are starting to turning some beautiful colors deep reds, gold, still some greens of all shades and the drive to the church will take us through the winding woods and forests, so I'm looking forward to the ride, and of course the delicious fried chicken!

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  1. Great job on reducing your stash! I added again this week of course :*) The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Nashville, not an orange or red in sight yet, but it won't be long. Enjoy your day (and the chicken!)

  2. I like the 'fess up Sunday' terminology. I'll fess up here that I have nothing in the used column this week. Our leaves have barely begun to change here. Just the dogwoods in my yard are turning red.

  3. no leaves changing yet. We really don't have the color that places north of us do. Such is the lot of the Swamp People in Louisiana!