Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's - On the Needles

When it comes to knitting, I'm a real beginner.  I've made long skinny wool scarves for winter coats and a few very simple stocking caps.  Oh yes, I did an afghan using 2 yarns together, big deal, right?  I thought that was pretty neat at the time, and the needles were only the size of a small tree limb!

Well, last year I saw this cute ruffled scarf that uses a soft fish net type yarn called Rozetti and as you knit, it does the twisting and ruffling on it's own. You can cast on 6 to 10 stitches depending on the width you want and then just knit these same stitches until you run out of yarn or you reach the length you want.  This sounded easy enough for me, so off I went to buy some skeins and try it.   Here's my first one about half done.  It's turning out fine even the colors are not my favorite.  It was all they had at the time.
The picture is not very clear, but as it gets longer, maybe it will show the ruffles better.  It's really very easy, but you have to stay focused or you will end up with more stitches than you started with.  I've had that happen several times, but I caught it quickly and fixed it before too many rows were wrong.

I'm connecting up with Judy's On the Needles for the first time.  Check out what more experienced knitters are doing.


  1. Interesting!!! I've done a little knitting too. I enjoy it but rarely have enough time to work with it. Will enjoy seeing this finish!

  2. Your making great progress. I have not knit one of those, but they are very popular here in Windton Salem NC. Good luck with your knitting. The only trouble with knitting for me is that it cuts into my time for other hand crafts!

  3. I am just a beginner, too, but you have done more projects than I have, it sounds like. The scarf is beautiful!