Monday, June 11, 2012

I Once Had a Green Thumb

Remember when I was commenting about my 'pitiful garden' this year compared to past years because of becoming a long arm quilter -  I'm sure some of you were skeptical, right??   Well, here are few pictures of what the garden looked like when I had more gardening time and no long arm quilting machine!

I tried to grow everything imaginable. Here are 3 types of potatoes, white, Yukon gold and red.

Keep in mind that each of these rows were 60 feet long from side to side and the entire garden was 100 feet long.

That's a lot of covering up with a hoe and digging them out when harvest time came around.

We also had sweet potatoes too.

Onions came next to the potatoes -one row of yellow and one of white

Followed by 21 tomato plants of different varieties.

Those little wooden boxes next to the tomatoes held watermelon and cantaloupe.

We had egg plant, zucchini squash, yellow cooked neck squash and 2 rows of okra.  I had never eaten it, but a friend wanted me to plant it for her.

We had pole beans and green bush beans, pinto beans, Persian Lima beans and  Christmas Lima beans.  It's not that we love beans so much, but I wanted to see what they looked like growing.

Needless to say, I got into learning about more than growing veggies, I HAD to learn about canning these veggies-- big time too!

These were the most prolific cucumbers I've ever seen.  They were called Market More and they had at least 20-30 cukes on them every day!!  They must have been for commercial growers because they were of uniform size and color.  They were delicious and I made Cajun pickles, relish, ate them fresh and gave lots away to neighbors almost every day!

One of the zucchini plants.
This was the harvest almost every other day for weeks.  Except the corn did not do well at all.  The raccoons got to most of it before we did.    Boy, do I miss all that wonderful, fresh produce.

I don't miss all the work so much, but I love playing in the dirt and watching what miracles come from the earth.  It still amazes me how one tiny little seed can bring forth such wonderful, tasty food.  Nothing is as good as fresh veggies from your own garden.  If you haven't tried it, you should.  It's great exercise too!!


  1. Oh, Dar! Your garden was beautiful! I am trying to garden, but we live in the middle of the woods on a pile of rock - no sun, no good dirt, so I have to do what I can in what patches of sun that I have. I scaled back some this year, for the same reason you have - quilting. I only have some tomatoes, onions, pole beans (that was a goof - I meant to plant bush beans!), marketmore cukes, lettuce, garlic, and some pumpkins. Raised beds with store-bought dirt for the most part.

    I love seeing what is sprouting and blooming. Nothing cuter than a teeny-tiny baby cucumber!


  2. You weren't kidding about your gardening past! I cannot imagine all of the work those potatoes took... I have a tiny bed of them this year, and just after planting that, my back was sore for days.

    It would be very hard to maintain a garden that size when you are so busy with something else. Sometimes I feel like I am in the garden all day long, and there is still so much work to do in it!

    I hope you can get a few veggies out of what you planted this year.

  3. I did not plant my garden this year. I weeded it so it isn't an eyesore, but that's about all I'm going to do, and that's okay! Too much lawn to mow and quilts to sew!

  4. Although I've never seen them, I suspect you have a pair of bib overalls somewhere. Just kidding. I didn't have any, either.