Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden Problems

Since I've gotten  my long arm quilting machine, things have changed a lot on the gardening front.  It seems there is less time to spend outside planting and tending a garden (whether it be vegetables or flowers) than before.  I hate that I've let this happen.  I really miss being able to walk to the garden and pick fresh tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, beets, corn, and many other things of past gardens.    So this week, I could stand it no more and I went to Home Depot and bought a few tomato plants and put them in my flower garden.  It was the only place I could find that was close to the house, relatively easy to dig and I can water them easier than in the original garden area which is much farther away from the house.  

I planted a Better Boy, 2 Roma, 1 patio, a yellow Pear tomato and 1 Big Boy.  They are all doing well except something has eaten off half of the Big Boy plant.   We think it may be a groundhog that we've seen roaming on the property.  I bought some zucchini plants too, and will probably put those in a big over-sized planter since there is not much room left in my flower garden.

See the large plant on the right in the back, that's the Big Boy and now it's half that size.  I have since put mesh wire and bird netting around all the tomato plants until they get bigger.  

Here's my lilies blooming on the other side of the tomato plants. Sure hope Mr. Groundhog doesn't take a liking to these, since I've roped off his tomatoes. :)
I may still get some more veggies and try container gardening.   It's just not summer unless there is a fresh crop of veggies to pick and can.  Old habits die hard and this is one that I don't want to give up until I'm too old to do it.


  1. Poor Mr. Groundhog! He thought he had found a goldmine and now tricked again :*) I wish we lived in an area where I could do some gardening, but to be honest, I'm not very good at it. My husband takes care of the flowers and yard work because I either forget to water them (too busy quilting!) or they just die because they don't like me. I haven't figured out which yet. Good for you finding a way to have your garden and quilt too!

  2. I'm glad you took the time to plant out some lovely things, you can't stand at the machine all day can you? Container gardening sounds like a great thing to do.

  3. On the garden scene, I pretty much have it made. He gardens, I sew. However when the canning comes into the picture, we both do that. Speaking of canning, I am trying my hand at canning pork n' beans this afternoon. We'll see how they turn out.

  4. I hope that you can get a harvest out of your plants! You can grow pretty much anything in containers, so long as you use a nutrient rich soil. I think you should do it! Like you said... it just isn't summer without some crops to harvest. :)

  5. Dar,I am like you, I really like to have a garden...weeds and all! And, Teresa in Music City, no matter how good a gardener you are, you will always have stuff die,
    get eaten by varmints or just sit there and not produce. You just look at it as an
    opportunity to try something else.

    1. Shirley, you are absolutely right. I love to watch things grow and will put something else in the places that things die. I have lots of heirloom seeds that I've collected over the years and it's time to try some of them again. Thanks for stopping by. Your log on says you are a no reply, so I'm replying this way instead of directly to you as I usually do.