Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stash Report - Week 20

Finally my stash numbers are looking better.  The way I calculated my fabric usage in the past was to wait until my quilt was totally finished before counting the yardage used.  That was not very encouraging, so this year I changed my method.  I count the fabric used in steps up to the finished quilt - when the top is finished I count that fabric, and then the backing and binding fabrics are counted when the quilt is quilted and totally finished.  So... the graduation quilt is quilted and binding is made. I used the double rose vine panto because the flower looks like the ones in the plaid fabric on the front.
I'm off to the Machine Quilters Show this week, so the matching pillowcases and label will have to wait until later. The graduation party isn't until the first week in June, so I should be ok, if something else doesn't interfere - like work or cleaning the house! :)

Dbl. Rose Vine panto

       Fabric Added - 0 yds.
       Fabric Used -  13.625 yds.
       YTD Added - 15 yds.
       YTD Used - 33.963 yds
       Net for 2012 - 18.963 yds

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  1. Congrats on your finish! Your numbers are great. Have a fun time at MQS!

  2. Good job - love the quilting!!! Great job on your stash management too :*)

  3. I ended up doing the same thing. If I waited until the quilt was done done my numbers would never move. This way the progress helps speed you along. Love the quilt by the way.

  4. Very pretty quilt and great panto to go with it.

  5. That's the way I'm counting stash used too. Your quilt is great!

  6. Thanks for your e-mail, I don't know why it was send to you!! But on this way I found another nice blog to join in!!
    Happy sewing and gretings from Germany!!

  7. A pretty take on the pattern - I use it as a "go to" pattern when I want to make something quickly. By changing the fabric, you can suit anyone! Love your panto too. I still muscle the quilt through my machine, but I enjoy doing it!

  8. That turned out really pretty!!!