Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cookies on a Cold Day

Today is another gloomy, winter day and I felt like warming up the house with good smells.  I love soup and bread on cold days, especially when they are both homemade.  Nothing smells better to me than the aroma of baking bread, cakes or pies.  So, I got busy and made some Hearty Vegetable Barley soup, (the recipe that was on the back of the barley box) along with bread in the bread maker.  While they are cooking, I tried a new recipe for February - Key Lime cookies. I can't wait until everything is finished and I can sample them.

Here's a few of the first batch of cookies.  They don't look fancy, but taste pretty yummy with just a hint of the key lime flavor.  I was afraid they might be tart but they are pretty mild flavored.  They actually taste like a rich butter, sugar cookie.  They won't go to waste around me.  I like a cup of tea and cookies anytime of day or night!

1 comment:

  1. Soup and bread sounds good but it's too warm here for that! You are a busy gal.